9th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education

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9th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education
Kürzel: 9th ICEBE
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Prof. Dr. Norbert Grünwald, Prof. Dr. Andreas Ahrens, Dr. Jelena Zascerinska, Prof. Dr. Manfred Ahn, Evgenia Mahler
Mitwirkung bei: Organisation
vom 24. Februar 2016 bis 26. Februar 2016
Ort: Ahmedabad, Indien
Anzahl Teilnehmer: 110
davon international: 30
Review: peer

Conference Theme:

“Fostering Global Knowledge Economy through Innovative and Creative Engineering and Management Studies” Sub - Themes: 1. Innovations in Engineering and Management Education for promoting Entrepreneurship 2. Active Learning: Project and Activity Based Learning 3. Smart Cities Development through innovative Engineering and Management Concepts 4. Government policies in promoting entrepreneurial environment 5. Research Orientation in curriculum development 6. Contribution of Engineering and Management Education to “Make in India, Start Up and Stand Up India, Clean India Initiative 7. Smart Energy solutions 8. Nurturing ‘Competitiveness’ and ‘Ease of Doing Business’ 9. Developing Socially Responsible Educational institutions 10. Introducing Design Thinking in Engineering Curriculum 11. Sustainable Development through Innovation and Creativity