Annual International Seminar on Marine Technology

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Annual International Seminar on Marine Technology
Kürzel: SENTA 2016
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Norbert Grünwald
Mitwirkung bei: Programmkomitee
vom 15. Dezember 2016 bis 16. Dezember 2016
Ort: Surabaya, Indonesien
Anzahl Teilnehmer:
davon international:
Review: peer

The internationalization of SENTA is a response to the need of ITS to be an international institute as well as Indonesia as a global maritime axis. SENTA 2016 will be held at Department of Naval Architecture and Shipbuilding Engineering, ITS, Surabaya, on 15-16 December 2016.

SENTA 2016 invites original contributions on the following topics, but not limited to: Ship and Offshore Structure, Marine System, Maritime Manufacturing Industry, Maritime Logistic, Ports Technology, Marine Energy Exploration and Exploitation, Coastal and Natural Resources Management, Marine Tourism, Maritime Security and Defense.