BSR-INTERREGIIIB Projekt "InterBaltic"

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BSR-INTERREGIIIB Projekt "InterBaltic"
Projektleitung Gunnar Prause , Prof. Dr. math.
Projektbeginn 01. Januar 2006
Projektabschluss 31. Dezember 2007
Mittelgeber Öffentlich gefördertes Projekt
Fakultät(en) Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften


The InterBaltic project is initiated by the CPMR Baltic Sea Commission and seconded by the Baltic Development Forum based on the assumption that there will be a huge increase in transportation and logistics related to the Baltic Sea region. This situation will affect business development and living conditions in general, and thus the call for important political decisions. The main focus of the project will be to develop practical actions in a partnership between the public and private sector based on a common strategic platform.
The project complies with TEN, Motorways of the Sea, The Northern Dimension and national/supranational politics and objectives.