E-MRS Spring Meeting

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E-MRS Spring Meeting
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Marion Wienecke, M.-C. Bunescu, M. Pietrzak, K. Deistung, M. Mischker, H. Hansmann, Petra Fedtke, Erika Borchartd, T. Barfels, S. Möller, B. Ruffmann, B. Rohland, Adina Morozan, Ioan Stamatin, Anca Dumitru, Dan Mihaiescu, A. Schütz, S. Hennings, J. Heeg, Ch. Schwarz, J. Heeg, K.N.Pandiyaraj, V.Selvarajan, F. Junge, A. Lampka, Y. H. Rhee, F. Junge, L. Ward, A. Lampka, M. Dobbertin, C. Mewes
Mitwirkung bei: Panelleiter/Referent
vom 01. April 2002 bis 01. April 2009
Ort: Strasbourg & Nice
Anzahl Teilnehmer:
davon international:

2002 Symposium N-Nano and Micro-Composites: „Electrical and structural investigation on nanotube filled polymer composites”

2002 Symposium F-Organic Materials for Device Applications: "PTFE membrane electrodes with increased sensitivity for gas sensor applications"

2002 Symposium G-TPP7 Thermal Plasma Processes: „YSZ thin film electrolyte for gas sensors“

2003 Symposium N - New Materials and technologies in sensor applications: "Hydrogen Sensor based on optical and electrical switching"

2003 Symposium A – Current trends in nanoscience: "Polymer Nano-Composites for EMIshielding"

2004 Symposium I – Advanced multifunctional nanocarbon materials and nanosystems: "MWCNT coatings obtained by thermal CVD using ethanol decomposition"

2004 Symposium P – Filled and nano.composite polymer materials: “Conductive polymer nano-composites”

2004 Symposium I – Advanced multifunctional nanocarbon materials and nanosystems: “CNT- based cathode material for DMFC”

2005 Vortrag: „Carbon Nanotubes supported catalysts for DMFC“,“Composites membranes based on sulphonated polypyridines derivates with nanometric oxides particles for DMFC applications”

2006 Nice Vortrag: "Plasma etching of polymeric membrane for DMFC"

2009 Strasbourg, Symposium P: : „Adhesive porous DLC-coatings by modified PECVD process”

2009 Symposium M:“Properties of DLC films on PET for Biomedical Application”

2011 Nice,"Deposition and Characterization of Ultra Flexible DLC Coatings on 316L Stainless Steel for medical Implants"

2012 Nice, "Investigation on the corrosion behaviour of DLC coated Magnesium-alloys for biomedical application"