Knowledge representation Techniques for Higher Education Academics (Master-Thesis)

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Knowledge representation Techniques for Higher Education Academics (Master-Thesis)
Autor Lee-Anne Henry
Typ Master
Studiengang Master of Business Systems
Erstbetreuer Uwe Lämmel (Prof. Dr.-Ing.)
Zweitbetreuer Erhard Alde (Prof. Dr. oec.)
Status der Abschlussarbeit verteidigt
Datum der Verteidigung 2014/06/19
Erscheinungsjahr 2014


That knowledge which is pertinent to the job of an academic is related specifically to teaching and learning, curriculum development, assessment and examination and academic administration. The problem at hand pertains to creating an organizational memory for the academic environment in which policy, procedures, best practice and know-how are systematically created and stored in respect of the four aforementioned areas of interest for higher education academics. Currently there is a lack of transparency, consolidation and timeliness when it comes to managing knowledge.

The aim of this paper is to theoretically determine to what extent knowledge representation techniques can be utilized in the academic context to improve the storage and access of knowledge for creating organizational memory. This paper provides a response to how ontologies can be applied in the academic context, and is aimed at providing a non-technical response, but rather a more pragmatic approach to answering the question, but without ignoring the underpinning theoretical concepts of knowledge management, which should inform the design of systems and the appropriate ways of representing knowledge. This paper also looks at the appropriate applications of information technology and how knowledge representation techniques are utilized in each context, making recommendations for the use of knowledge representation techniques in academia via a proposed guiding framework.