Laima Gerlitz

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Laima Gerlitz
Vorname Laima
Name Gerlitz
Titel M.A.; M.A./M.Sc.
Fakultät Fakultät für Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Betreuer Joachim Winkler
Promotionsthema Design Management
Kooperative Universität Technische Universität Tallinn
Betreuer der Kooperativen Universität Prof. Dr. Gunnar Prause
Beginn 01. September 2014
Ende noch unbekannt
Stipendium nein
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Design Management as a Driver for Innovation in SMEs2017
Integrating Design Management Concept in Entrepreneurial Practices: Evidence from the Cross-Border Project2016
An Integrated Design Management Concept: Creating Innovative Space for Emergent SMEs and Value for Knowledge Absorbers2016
Design management as a domain of smart and sustainable enterprise: business modelling for innovation and smart growth in Industry 4.02016
Design Management for Smart Entrepreneurship – A Training Tool Crossing Sector and Discipline Boundaries2016
Sustainable Business Development Models for Regional Airports2015
Design for Product and Service Innovation in industry 4.0 and emerging smart society. Journal of Security and Sustainability Issues2015
Air Cargo Role for Regional Development and Accessibility in the Baltic Sea Region2014


Connect2SmallPorts1 August 201730 November 2017
SMART watch1 Juni 201731 Mai 2020
Go LNG1 Mai 201631 Juli 2019
Green Logistics Management: Advancing Trans-Eurasian Accessibility through Sustainable Logistics Management and ICT Competence15 Oktober 201514 Oktober 2018
South Baltic in Moving Images1 Juli 201530 November 2015
SBMI – South Baltic in Moving Images1 Juli 20152015
CTCC – Creative Traditional Companies Cooperation1 Juli 201531 Oktober 2015
Study on the implementation of labour supplying responsibilities pursuant to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC 2006)1 Januar 201530 Oktober 2015
MarTech LNG1 Januar 201231 Dezember 2014
BalticBird1 Juni 20111 März 2014
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