Maritime Safety and Security Challenges – 3D Simulation Based Training

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Maritime Safety and Security Challenges – 3D Simulation Based Training
Autor Christoph Felsenstein, Knud Benedict, Michael Baldauf
In: TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation
Ausgabe Vol. 7, 3
ISBN/ISSN: DOI: 10.12716/1001.07.03.02
Erscheinungsjahr 2013
Jahrgang 2013
Seitenzahl 327-336

Maritime Safety and Security on board ships very much depends on well trained crews. That is why training and exercising emergency response procedures as well as efficiency in reliable management are extremely necessary. On the other hand research as well as technological development in safety and security, tools and other kinds of technical and organizational systems contribute to further improvement and guarantee high levels of safety and security in maritime transportation. Simulation facilities are essential for both exercising and training but also for research and technological development. This paper introduces the innovative concept of a safety and security training simulator (SST7) and describes research work related to the implementation of training scenarios. Selected results of a case study will be presented. A shorter version of this paper was originally presented at the International Conference on “Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation” at Gdynia in June 2013.