REC 2021

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REC 2021
Kürzel: REC 2021
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Ekaterina Auer
Mitwirkung bei: Programmkomitee
vom 17. Mai 2021 bis 20. Mai 2021
Anzahl Teilnehmer:
davon international:

The theme of the 9th International Workshop on Reliable Engineering Computing (REC2021) is “Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Computations”. Engineers and scientists from academic, industrial and governmental institutions are invited to contribute and to join in debates on recent developments and future challenges in the field. REC2021 will provide a multi-disciplinary forum to bring together various engineering and associated disciplines with the common focus on methodologies and theories in the field of risk and uncertainty.

As in the previous biennial REC-meetings, the central theme of the discussions will be the reliability of engineering computations. Covering a broad range of topics, REC2021 aims to address the urgent need for innovative theories and advanced computational approaches to ensure safety of engineering systems starting with uncertainty quantification of input parameters.