SWIM 2018

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SWIM 2018
Kürzel: SWIM 2018, 11th Summer Workshop on Interval Methods
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Ekaterina Auer
Mitwirkung bei: Organisation
vom 25. Juli 2018 bis 27. Juli 2018
Ort: Universität Rostock
Anzahl Teilnehmer: 70
davon international:
Hyperlink: https://www.com.uni-rostock.de/workshops/swim-2018/

Traditionally, workshops in the series of SWIM provide a platform for both theoretical and applied researchers who work on the development, implementation, and application of interval methods, verified numerics, and other related (set-membership) techniques. In contrast to classical conferences, we would like to encourage all researchers to use SWIM 2018 as a forum for a lively discussion of current research work as well as state-of-the-art techniques. Hence, not only fully worked out novel results, but also review contributions summarizing previous work in a concise (and critically analyzed) manner as well as reports about ongoing research activities will be welcome.

To ensure the visibility of our workshop, peer-reviewed full contributions of accepted and presented abstracts will be collected and published after SWIM.