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Nico Laufer
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Application of Infrared Thermography (IRT) to Control Fatigue Tests to Characterize the Finite-Life Fatigue Strength of Fibre-Reinforced Polyamides + , Characterization of WPC Melts + , Comparison of Single Ti6Al4V Struts Made Using Selective Laser Melting and Electron Beam Melting Subject to Part Orientation + , Comparison of the mechanical properties of 3D printed polymers and Ti6AL4V used in medical applications + , Effects of Interparticle Interactions on the Flow Behaviour of Low Density Polyethylene Filled with Various Fillers + , Effects of Volume Fraction, Size and Geometry of Different Fillers on Interparticle Interactions in Polymer Melts + , Effects of volume fraction, size and geometry of different fillers on interparticle interactions in LDPE melts + , Einfluss von Rohstoff en und Verfahrenstechnik auf die Materialeigenschaften von Holz-Polymer-Verbundwerkstoffen (WPC) + , High Pressure Capillary Rheometer on Wood Plastic Composites with Variation of Wood Content and Matrix Polymer + , High pressure capillary rheometry on wood plastic composites with variation of wood content and matrix polymer + , Influence of flowability and MAH-content of maleated polyolefines on rheological and mechanical interaction effects of wood fillers in polyolefines + , Influence of interparticle interaction effects on the rheological properties of low density polyethylene filled with glass beads + , Influence of the structural orientation on the mechanical properties of selective laser melted Ti6Al4V open-porous scaffolds + , Investigation of the Flow Behavior of WPC Melts + , Isotherme Ermüdungsversuche an faserverstärkten Polyamiden unter Anwendung der Infrarot-Thermografie + , Numerical Simulation of the Rotational-Moulding-Process + , Rheological Characterisation of the Flow Behaviour of Wood Plastic Composites in Consideration of Different Volume Fractions of Wood + , Rheological characterization of WPC melts + , Rheologisches Verhalten von holzgefüllten Thermoplasten (WPC) + , Specific Yielding of Selective Laser-Melted Ti6Al4V Open-Porous Scaffolds as a Function of Unit Cell Design and Dimensions + ... Autor
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