Ten Years of “Object First” (Vortrag)

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Ten Years of “Object First” (Vortrag)
Autor Uwe Lämmel
Tagung/Veranstaltung 10th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education (ICEBE)
Ort Sibiu, Rumänien
vom 18. Oktober 2017 bis 22. Oktober 2017
Review peer
Titel Proceedings
Autor Proceedings
Erscheinungsjahr 2017

Full paper DOI: doi.org/10.1515/cplbu-2017-0031 en


Teaching programming to newbies is still an ongoing challenge. Strongly worded, either students can program when they enter the university or they never learn it. The challenge is to address as many students as possible in such a way that they get an understanding of programming and become able to complete the course successfully.

In contrary to traditional structured programming the Objects-First approach starts with classes and objects and introduces data types and programming statements whenever they are necessary to define the structure or behaviour of objects. The author has used the Objects-First approach for more than ten years. Almost the same content has been used all over the years but the way of teaching has changed. For the last two years the author has used elements of just-in-time teaching. The paper reviews the different teaching approaches based on the exams results. The author argues that teaching style has a minor influence. The social atmosphere among the students is a more crucial factor.