YSZ Films Deposited by Plasma Spraying and Sputtering

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YSZ Films Deposited by Plasma Spraying and Sputtering
Autor P. Fedtke, Marion Wienecke, M.C. Bunescu, T. Barfels, K. Deistung, M. Pietrzak
In: Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry
Ausgabe 8
Erscheinungsjahr 2004
Seitenzahl 626-632
Hyperlink http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10008-003-0485-6
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Thin films of yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) deposited by sputtering and plasma spraying have been analysed as solid electrolyte for oxygen gas sensors and solid oxide fuel cells. Different substrates have been considered in order to provide good adhesion, dense electrolyte films, and mechanical and thermal stability. By optimization of the sputtering parameters, a Pt/YSZ/Pt assembly of 1.5 µm thickness and with an electrical resistance of 500 MΩ at room temperature has been obtained. The plasma-sprayed films (150 µm thickness) have shown oxygen ion conductivity with a reproducible sensitivity on oxygen partial pressure starting at 400 °C and an activation energy of ~1 eV. Lanthanum strontium manganate (350 µm thickness) was sprayed as cathode material.