8th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education

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8th International Conference on Engineering and Business Education
Kürzel: 8th ICEBE
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Norbert Grünwald, Manfred Ahn, Andreas Ahrens, Olaf Bassus, Jelena Zascerinska
Mitwirkung bei: Organisation
vom 08. Oktober 2015 bis 09. Oktober 2015
Ort: Fredrikstad, Norway
Anzahl Teilnehmer: 70
davon international: 30
Review: peer

Conference Theme: “Interdisciplinary Education in a Connected World” Climate changes, environmental challenges and sustainability development are crucial global agenda for education. A number of researchers, engineering and business education professionals as well as business stakeholders from different countries will attend this conference and debate on questions around the theme “Sharing experiences globally and educating smart living locally - Interdisciplinary Education in a Connected World” during this conference. The conference has a mission for sharing and disseminating the recent research outcomes in engineering and business education, innovative business applications, interdisciplinary and intercultural use experiences, as well as potential market analysis and development trends for conference attendants. This conference offers a unique opportunity for academics, business and also for students from around the globe to share their broad array of knowledge, perspectives and fresh research outcomes for innovation and business applications benefiting globally and locally. We look forward to contributions from all academic disciplines and business communities. The conference is divided into plenary sessions, paper sessions, workshops and the business- academic forum. We expect representatives from countries all over the world to the conference.