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Das Attribut Jahrgang ist vom Typ Zeichenkette und gehört zum Formular Artikel.

Seiten mit dem Attribut „Jahrgang“

Es werden 25 Seiten angezeigt, die dieses Attribut verwenden:

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.: Environmental-friendly Sea Transportation –Challenges in for Maritime Education and Training +2012  +
.: Innovative Simulation Tools for Learning and Teaching Ships Dynamic and Manoeuvring +2014  +
.: Use of Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring in Ship-Handling Simulator Training +2014  +
A Comparative Study of Teachers´ and Engeneering Students´ Enterprise 3.0 Application in Entrepreneurship +2014  +
A Comparison of Coverage and Reimbursement Decisions in Germany (AMNOG) and Scotland (SMC) (Artikel) +November 2013  +
A comprehensive Social Progress Protocol is needed more than ever +4  +
A fibre optic sensor for the in situ determination of rock physical properties +55  +
AIS data as a basis for industry and science (Artikel) +151  +
Accuracy simulation of an LED based spectrophotometer +124  +
Accurate color measurement +10  +
An Integrated Design Management Concept: Creating Innovative Space for Emergent SMEs and Value for Knowledge Absorbers +2  +
Analog beschleunigt +60  +
Analysis of Engineering Students‘ Needs in Interdisciplinary Education +2015  +
Analysis of Short Sea Shipping-Based Logistics Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region +2012  +
Anforderungen an Adherence/Persistence-Programme am Beispiel von oralen Antidiabetika bei Diabetes Typ 2-Patienten: Ein systematisches Review (Artikel) +2011  +
Asset prices and consumer prices: exploring the linkages +62  +
Asset prices misalignments and the role of money and credit +Vol. 13  +
Bestimmung der Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit eines Verkehrsstroms (Artikel) +66  +
Bestimmung der Kriterien der Biobeständigkeit von Fassadenmaterialien +2012  +
Bi-Professional Curriculum In Higher Education: Context Analysis +2013  +
Clustering for the Development of Engineering Student´s Use of Enterprise 3.0 +2011  +
Collaboration within Social Dimension of Computing: Theoretical Background, Empirical Findings and Practical Development +2011  +
Comparison of Single Ti6Al4V Struts Made Using Selective Laser Melting and Electron Beam Melting Subject to Part Orientation +7  +
Compression, relaxation and swelling behaviour of solid wood, wood powder and wood-plastic composites (WPC) +57  +
Compression, relaxation and swelling behaviour of solid wood, wood powder and wood-plastic composites (WPC). Part 2: Relaxation, swelling and swelling forces +58  +