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(Frei)Raum als Gerüst, Urbanes Branding als Strategie: Die städtebauliche DNA +S.48-50  +
.: Environmental-friendly Sea Transportation –Challenges in for Maritime Education and Training +103-110  +
.: Innovative Simulation Tools for Learning and Teaching Ships Dynamic and Manoeuvring +146-159  +
.: Use of Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring in Ship-Handling Simulator Training +46 - 59  +
A Comparative Study of Teachers´ and Engeneering Students´ Enterprise 3.0 Application in Entrepreneurship +S. 145-165  +
A Comparison of Coverage and Reimbursement Decisions in Germany (AMNOG) and Scotland (SMC) (Artikel) +A475  +
A Qualitative Comparison of Two Hybrid DEVS Approaches +10  +
A Study on Digital Teaching Competence of University Teachers from Lithuania and Latvia within the PEESA Project +pp. 109-123.  +
A comprehensive Social Progress Protocol is needed more than ever +4-23  +
A fibre optic sensor for the in situ determination of rock physical properties +55-62  +
A functional coefficient approach to modeling the Fisher hypothesis: World wide evidence (Artikel) +93-118  +
A new experience of inside and outside: How digital media have changed our notions of space +238-250  +
A novel approach to determine primary stability of acetabular press-fit cups +1-10  +
AIS data as a basis for industry and science (Artikel) +74–75  +
Accuracy simulation of an LED based spectrophotometer +644-649  +
Accurate color measurement +54-57  +
Accurate color measurement - Measuring accuracy of tristimulus color sensors in industrial automation +54-57  +
Advanced Ship Handling Using Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design and Monitoring – a New Meth-od for Increasing Safety & Efficiency +105-115  +
Air cargo outlooks of regional airports in the Baltic Sea Region: cases of Tallinn and Katowice +49 - 71  +
Algenvermeidung durch Fassadentemperierung +79-95  +
An Integrated Design Management Concept: Creating Innovative Space for Emergent SMEs and Value for Knowledge Absorbers +1-18  +
Analog beschleunigt +30-33  +
Analog beschleunigt - Schnelle perzeptive Signalvorverarbeitung für Farbfotodioden mit analoger Schaltungstechnik +30-33  +
Analysis of Short Sea Shipping-Based Logistics Corridors in the Baltic Sea Region +304-319  +
Anforderungen an Adherence/Persistence-Programme am Beispiel von oralen Antidiabetika bei Diabetes Typ 2-Patienten: Ein systematisches Review (Artikel) +274-291  +
Applying a new bubble test for a composite indicator +7-24  +
Askese bei Aldi? Zur Logik von Distinktion und Askese in der Gegenwartsgesellschaft (Artikel) +313-326  +
Asset prices and consumer prices: exploring the linkages +169-186  +
Asset prices misalignments and the role of money and credit +377-407  +
Automatisierungstechnische Verfahren und Systeme für die Medizin +659-660  +
Automatisierungstechnische Verfahren und Systeme für die Medizin – Editorial 1 +611-612  +
Balancing fundamental social rights and economic freedoms - Can the Monti II initiative solve the EU dilemma? +279-306  +
Bautenschutz vor Schädlingen: Lebensweise und Bestimmung von synanthropen Buntkäferarten. Bautenschutz +189 - 200  +
Beratung und Arbeitnehmerinteressen - Einleitende Überlegungen +13-28  +
Beschmiert oder verziert? Anti- Graffiti-Systeme auf dem Prüfstand +20-27  +
Bestimmung der Durchschnittsgeschwindigkeit eines Verkehrsstroms (Artikel) +80–84  +
Bestimmung der Kriterien der Biobeständigkeit von Fassadenmaterialien +30-34  +
Bi-Professional Curriculum In Higher Education: Context Analysis +101-108  +
Blüten auf Gips +42-47  +
CNT- based cathode material for DMFC +511-522  +
Carbon Nanotubes supported catalysts for DMFC +56-63  +
Characterization of WPC Melts +27  +
Collaboration within Social Dimension of Computing: Theoretical Background, Empirical Findings and Practical Development +14 S.  +
Comparison of Single Ti6Al4V Struts Made Using Selective Laser Melting and Electron Beam Melting Subject to Part Orientation +1-22  +
Comparison of the mechanical properties of 3D printed polymers and Ti6AL4V used in medical applications +1  +
Compression, relaxation and swelling behaviour of solid wood, wood powder and wood-plastic composites (WPC) +5-11  +
Compression, relaxation and swelling behaviour of solid wood, wood powder and wood-plastic composites (WPC). Part 2: Relaxation, swelling and swelling forces +16-23  +
Computer Tomography as a Project for Students +1-8  +