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Bridging the Gap between Wiki and Knowledge Networks
Autor Uwe Lämmel
Tagung/Veranstaltung Baltic Business and Socio-Economics Development
Ort Riga
vom 29. September 2008 bis 02. Oktober 2008
Titel Proceedings Proceedings BBSED 2008
Autor Proceedings Gunnar Prause, Tatjana Muravska
Verlag Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag
Erscheinungsjahr 2009

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Knowledge Management is aimed at providing the desired knowledge whenever and wherever it is needed. In an organisation the complete knowledge of the organisation should be managed in such a way that it is available for everybody who needs it in order to accomplish his duties.

Knowledge networks have promised to solve the problem by bringing together two concepts: Semantic networks and a graphical visualisation using topic maps. Although these networks work quite well once they have reached a certain level the amount of work for the development cannot be underestimated. Wiki systems promise an easy handling and can be well applied for knowledge management. We argue that a combination of knowledge networks and an easy-to-use Wiki will seriously improve knowledge management. Various applications are possible: in a company, in a university, in a region or across borders.