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Chatbots in a University Environment (Master-Thesis)
Autor Ailin Werner
Typ Master
Studiengang International Management
Erstbetreuer Uwe Lämmel (Prof. Dr.-Ing.)
Zweitbetreuer Dallas Reese
Status der Abschlussarbeit verteidigt
Datum der Verteidigung 2017/06/24
Erscheinungsjahr 2017

An ever growing number of international students visiting Germany does not speak the German language fluently due to an increased number of courses offered in English.

However, outside the boundaries of their English courses, international students remain exposed to a university environment that is widely based on information, processes and staff that primarily use the German language.

Particularly during the initiation phase, where students are trying to gather information about enrollment requirements and procedures, a lack of adequate access to information due to linguistic, technical or organizational limitations can be a determining factor for or against their application.

This paper aims to ease this conflict by examining the specific requirements of international students and to improve their experience through the introduction of an AI-driven dialog system. A Dialogflow-based prototype (AIA) is developed and embedded into the Facebook Messenger platform, it interacts with users via natural language, answers questions of application requirements, retrieves links to documents and registers students online.

In its evaluation, AIA surpassed traditional browser-based web search in user experience and efficiency, thus suggesting a potential benefit for both students and staff in a real-world application.