Conceive and design - A quick jump into business informatics (Vortrag)

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Conceive and design - A quick jump into business informatics (Vortrag)
Autor Uwe Lämmel
Tagung/Veranstaltung 1st International Conference on Engineering and Business Education
Ort Wismar
vom 14. September 2008 bis 17. September 2008
Titel Proceedings
Autor Proceedings
Verlag Hochschule Wismar
Erscheinungsjahr 2008

The very first days at a university are important for every beginner. We did an experiment and launched a project work for our students of the degree program “Business Informatics”. It was a challenge to ask our students to apply design techniques like Entity-Relationship-Diagram, parts of the Unified Modelling Language (UML), or Event-driven Process Chains (EPC), to a small real world situation. Thus we forced our students to conceive real world situations and to design the underlying information processes in a semi-formal style. Some ideas of the CDIO initiative were applied as well.

We line out that these first days had a strong influence on the students: They socialised faster than in the years before, they got to know the university much faster and they experienced team work from the very beginning.