IT based Knowledge Management (Vortrag)

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IT based Knowledge Management (Vortrag)
Autor Uwe Lämmel
Tagung/Veranstaltung 3. International Conference on Engineering and Business Education ICEBE 2010
Ort Manila, Philipinen
vom 15. November 2010 bis 19. November 2010
Titel Proceedings Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Engineering and Business Education
Autor Proceedings
Erscheinungsjahr 2010


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Knowledge Management can be seen from various perspectives: Human Resource Management helps us to encourage people to share their knowledge. From Artificial Intelligence we can learn how knowledge can be presented in a formal way as a basis for knowledge processing. Information Technology in general has provided several approaches to support and improve a successful knowledge management in an organisation.

The paper first clarifies the notions knowledge and knowledge management and reviews various techniques for knowledge representation: text, picture, logic formulas, rules or networks. A formal representation of knowledge using rules opens the door for knowledge processing. The relationships between knowledge processing and knowledge management will be outlined. Knowledge networks or topic maps will be highlighted since they offer new possibilities for knowledge management: knowledge networks enable a semantic search for knowledge. Unlike common search engine a semantic search considers the relationships between the search term and other notions.

The overview on information technology based knowledge management will include wiki systems as well. So called semantic wiki systems allow a semi-formal knowledge representation and may therefore become powerful tools for an efficient knowledge management.

The paper argues that knowledge management should be an integrated part of any engineering or business degree program. Graduates should not only be able to use knowledge management systems but should be the driving force in implementing such systems. It will be shown that knowledge and the management of knowledge is discussed in various lectures in our degree programme Business Informatics. Moreover knowledge management is not a theoretical issue only, applied knowledge management is used for co-operative learning.