OCEAN 2018

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OCEAN 2018
Kürzel: OTO'18 - OCEANS'18 MTS / IEEE Kobe / Techno-Ocean2018
Beteiligte Personen der HS: Agnes Ulrike Schubert, Michael Gluch, Hendrik Kupas, Michael Baldauf, Olaf Hagendorf, Olaf Simanski
Mitwirkung bei: Panelleiter/Referent
vom 29. Mai 2018 bis 31. Mai 2018
Ort: Convention Centre Kobe, Japan
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davon international:
Review: peer
Hyperlink: http://www.oceans18mtsieeekobe.org/

An assistance system for manoeuvring vessels in high safety areas

Abstract—This contribution presents the systematic conception of a modular manoeuvring assistance system based on dynamic motion model. Selected components of the system are described in detail such as additional measurement equipment for precise dynamic modelling, the sensor fusion as well as the proximity recognition module tested on unmanned surface vehicle. The assistance system supports primarily during manual manoeuvring by but all functionalities are developed considering the future requirements of autonomous shipping and can be used as backup system. As an intermediate step from the common praxis to higher automation, the navigation assistance system integrates a manoeuvre prediction tool as well as customizable applications according to the analysing results of manual manoeuvring.