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{{#ask: [[Kategorie:food]]}}
[[Datei:TopicMap-food01.jpg|200px|frame|Vizigator of [ Ontopia] ]]
[[Datei:TopicMap-food01.jpg|200px|frame|Vizigator of [ Ontopia] ]]

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The example shows how semantic Wiki can be used to express a semantic network, or topic map, or an ontology.


A Semantic Network contains:

Topics (notions, nouns, entities): 
Topics are the nodes in the semantic network and are represented as wiki pages.

Associations (relations, connections): 
Associations are the edges in the semantic network. 
An association is represented as an annotation in a semantic wiki an by wiki page.

As an introductory example we use the following relationships: Countries are famous for their special food (including beverages). People like certain food, e.g.:


Vizigator of Ontopia
  • Anne likes cheese.
  • Peter likes sausages.
  • Peter likes beer.
  • Ronald likes rice.
  • Jeremy likes cheese.
  • Jeremy likes wine.
  • Uwe likes beer.
  • Petra likes cheese.
  • Anne likes halo-halo.
  • Maria likes cake.