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Quo Vadis Ship's Navigation: Navigator on Board or Shore-based Remote Control of Unmanned Ships?2014
Innovative Manoeuvring Support - from Today’s Shipboard Organisational Structures to Shore Controlled Autonomous Ships2014
Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design and Monitoring – a New Method for Advanced Ship Handling2014
.: Innovative Simulation Tools for Learning and Teaching Ships Dynamic and Manoeuvring2014
.: Use of Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring in Ship-Handling Simulator Training2014
Manoeuvring simulation for supporting co-operative operation of ships on board and from shore2014
Potentials of e-Navigation – Enhanced Support for Collision Avoidance2014
Manoeuvring support for ships by simulation augmented methods - on board and from the shore2014
METPROM (Modular Enhanced Training Programme for European Maritime Security Personnel)2013
Energy-efficient Ship Operation – Training Requirements and Challenges2013
Simulation-based training module to promote green energy-efficient ship operation2013
Maritime Education and Training for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient shipping2013
Situation-adapted advice for action in case of Person-over-Board Accidents2013
Maritime Safety and Security Challenges – 3D Simulation Based Training2013
New Concept for Maritime Safety and Security Emergency Management – Simulation Based Training De-signed for the Safety & Trainer (SST7)2013
New Concepts for Education and Advanced Vocational Training in the Maritime Domain - Emergency Man-agement using a Safety and Security Trainer2013
Advanced Ship Handling Using Simulation Augmented Manoeuvring Design and Monitoring – a New Meth-od for Increasing Safety & Efficiency2013
Ecofriendly Ship Operation – An Approach for Energy-efficient Manoeuvring2013
Simulation-based Team training for Maritime Safety – What comes next after the third Dimension?2013
.: Environmental-friendly Sea Transportation –Challenges in for Maritime Education and Training2013